TPIL Representative Semarang

Development is the foundation of a company to be able to continue to grow and innovate with the ultimate goal of creating customer satisfaction. For it in the year 2013 TPIL Logistics established its strategy with the opening of the 12th branch to its right in November 2012 following the opening of the Semarang branch SPIL .

With the opening of a branch in the city of Semarang is expected to meet the needs TPIL delivery industry players in various commodity sectors that have already had a string of cooperation in the form kontainerisasi delivery. The area covered is certainly around the area of Semarang is definitely its industrial areas , city crafts and other major cities in Central Java.

For the current service from Semarang, TPIL provide sea freight services directly to Banjarmasin and to other purposes through the multimodel transportation overland to Surabaya and connect with the schedule of ships heading to ports of Surabaya in Indonesia.

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